Products from Ponderosa Petroleum

We offer a wide range of petroleum products, from fuel oils to asphalts. How can we help you? Let us know what you need, and we’ll provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Oil Drop

Liquid Asphalts

Ponderosa Petroleum supplies liquid asphalt for a wide range of uses, including road construction, waterproofing, and the manufacture of roofing products2.

  • AC Grades
  • PG Grades / Performance Graded Asphalt
  • Hard Pen
  • Fluxes
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Residual Fuel Oil

Our residual fuel oils are suited for marine use, industrial boilers, tire manufacturing, and paving projects.

  • # 6 Oil
  • #5 Oil / Bunker Fuel
  • Carbon Black Oil
  • Slurry Oil
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Roofing Flux

Our high quality roofing flux is used in the manufacture of roofing asphalt used in shingles, rolled roofing, underlayment felts and BUR.

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Refining Feedstocks

Our refining feedstocks are used in the manufacture of plastics, detergents, solvents, elastomers and synthetic fibers, such as polyester and rayon.

  • Vacuum Tower Bottom (VTB)
  • Gas Oils
  • Coker Feed